For the first time in a few years, I am headed back to Europe! Thanks to The Flight Deal and an incredible price, I am off to see Madrid for the first time.

There is always a mixture of excitement and nervous energy when I am headed to a new destination. Will I like it? Will I find it a friendly place? Will it be easy to get around? In the case of Spain right now, I can add, will there be a civil war going on?

The political situation going on in Spain right now is fascinating, with Catalonia declaring independence, a move that has been denied by the central government. I am eager to see how this plays out in the streets of Madrid, and will be writing about the political vibes there.

My plans for the trip are pretty simple. I have four full days there, and will be spending one of them on a day trip to Toledo. The others will likely be spent exploring the city itself. I certainly want to see the Prado and Reina Sofia museums, visit the Royal Palace, and eat more tapas than I have had in the past several years combined.

Beyond those things, though, I am open to suggestions from travelers out there who are familiar with the Spanish capital and its charms.

Thanks in advance for your tips, and I will report back with my tummy full of jamon iberico!

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