Peru has been on my travel wish list for years, but I’ve never had a chance to go. That said, while getting there in person might take a bit, a virtual trip via a date night is totally possible! So, we did. Here is our itinerary. I hope it inspires you to create your own Peru-themed date night!

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Peruvian Themed Date Night

Eat: Ceviche, Causa Rellena, and Suspiro Limeno

It is impossible to have a Peruvian dinner without starting with ceviche. The national dish of the country, ceviche consists of raw fish “cooked” by marinating in acid, in this case lime juice and tomato juice. Add red onion for crunch, corn for sweetness, jalapeño for spice, and avocado for awesomeness, top with cilantro and serve! I used tilapia, but any white fish will do.

So good!

Causa rellena is what happens when chicken salad meets shepherd’s pie. Two layers of mashed potatoes spiced with peppers (I used red since I couldn’t find Peruvian yellow) envelop a layer of shredded chicken with veggies and cilantro done in a bit of mayo or Greek yogurt. Given Peru’s being the birthplace of potatoes, it seemed an appropriate dish to make.

Causa rellena was good, but not spectacular.

While dinner was good, there is no doubt that A’s dessert was the highlight. Suspiro limeno (Lima custard) is a caramel-ish custard topped with a port-infused meringue. Normally one uses a tawny port, but I don’t like it, so we used ruby, hence the purplish color to the meringue. It was amazing!

Easily the highlight

Learn: The Animated History of Peru

I don’t know what these date nights would be without so many amazing YouTube content creators. This brief history of Peru gave us a brief insight into the pre-colonization history, something we knew little about.

Visit: Machu Picchu

One of the new wonders of the world, Machu Picchu is probably Peru’s most famous sight. Want to visit? This narrated virtual tour is the next best thing to being there in person. The views are incredible! (Also, the site that runs it seems to have some other amazing places to visit and I’m excited to go through some of them.)

Is there a more recognizable view?

Watch: Peru: Tesoro Escondido

Netflix documentaries are hit or miss, and this one was definitely a hit. In Spanish with subtitles, it talks about so many amazing things to do in Peru. Some of the highlights include Incan ruins, food in Lima, surfing, and Lake Titicaca. If I didn’t want to go to Peru before, I certainly do after seeing this. Peru 2022!!!

The beauty of this country, and the documentary, is astounding!

Even though I’m back to traveling for real, travel themed date nights are a remnant of quarantine life I intend to keep. I hope this inspires you to create one (or 35) for you and your special date!

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