A Guide to Frankfurt, Germany

The Royal Tour

Frankfurt is Germany's most modern city in appearance, and its economic hub. A center of global finance, Frankfurt is also home to the country's largest airport, making it the ideal place to begin a Germany trip.

Tourists will flock to the Romerberg, the old historic town square that was rebuilt in the 20th century. It is crowded, but cute!

From the top of the Main Tower, one can get a real idea of the historic and modern aspects of Frankfurt. Plus it is just an amazing view!

The Palmengarten is a huge botanical garden that is lovely to explore when you get tired of the skyscrapers.

Hungry? Try a frankfurter. Yes, this is the birthplace of what became the American hot dog. Here it is served with mustard and potato salad.

Frankfurt gets ignored by many tourists, but it is definitely worth a few days to see this banking capital. Click the link below to read all about the best the city has to offer!