Anaheim's Little Arabia District

Anaheim's Little Arabia District

The Royal Tour

Anaheim is more than 2% Arab, and this section, what used to be called Garza Island (nicknamed the Gaza Strip) is the center of that culture. You'll find shops, markets, restaurants, and more, like this traditional dress store.

Food is the highlight of a Little Arabia day, and this flatbread from Forn Al Hara, called manaeesh, is a good start. Lots of options are available; this one has zaatar and cheese.

This pistachio and cheese pastry is drizzled in honey. Called knafeh, it is available all over, but this one is from Knafeh Cafe.

Nara Bistro has a great vibe for their signature hookah or just for a pot of cardamom tea.

Make sure to click on the link below for suggestions of what to see, do, and eat in Little Arabia!