Berlin, Germany

The Royal Tour

Berlin is Germany's capital, largest city, and the place with the most for visitors. The Brandenburg Gate is the symbol of Berlin, although it was closed until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Reichstag, where Germany's parliament meets, has a beautiful glass dome. Advance reservations are needed to visit, but it is absolutely worth it!

If you like history, a visit to the Pergamon Museum on Berlin's Museum Island is a must. The outstanding collection is highlighted by the reconstructed Ishtar Gate of Babylon.

Revisiting World War Two can be done through a number of sites, but the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe is the most powerful, with its maze of cement pillars. 

Navigating Berlin is easy thanks to a dizzying array of subway (U-Bahn), surface rail (S-Bahn), tram, and bus lines. Tickets are randomly checked, with steep fines if you are caught without one.

An easy day trip is to Potsdam, with its palaces from the days of Prussia and the German Empire. This is the Orangerie, my favorite of the palaces.

This was just a small sampling of all Berlin has to offer. Be sure to click the link below for our full Ultimate Guide to Berlin!