Curacao Beyond Willemstad

The Royal Tour

This is Willemstad, capital of the Dutch island of Curacao. Willemstad is amazing, full of culture and color, but there is much more to see on this incredible island. Let's explore!

As with most Caribbean islands, Curacao has spectacular beaches. Many have entrance fees, so it makes sense to do some research ahead of time.

My favorite is Kokomo Beach, not only for the song.

Shete Boka National Park is known for its rock formations that create incredible splashes in the tide!

At the northwestern tip of the island you can swim with sea turtles that gather nearly every morning. 

After enjoying the turtles, eat a dish of iguana stew at Jaanchie's. It tastes like chicken, but with more bones.

Curacao is also home to a few flocks of wild flamingos.

The interior of the island is fairly sparse in vegetation.

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