Frankfurt's Altstadt

The Royal Tour

This is Romerberg, one of the symbols of Frankfurt and the centerpiece of the Altstadt, or old city. It is, however, a recreation, being rebuilt in the old style during the 20th century. 

Frankfurt's importance dates to 794, when Charlamagne held an assembly here, and many of the reconstructed altstadt buildings try to recapture that period. This is the old city hall.

If the history of Frankfurt interests you, check out the Frankfurt History Museum, housed in a historic row of buildings along the Main River.

Frankfurt's cathedral sits on the Romberberg. The brick appearance is a facade, having been painted on.

If you want a treat from Frankfurt's past, when kings were crowned here, try a Frankfurter Kranz, literally a Frankfurt crown. This cake has buttercream, almonds, and jam, and can be found in bakeries all over the altstadt.

The altstadt also includes the old Jewish ghetto, the Judengasse, and the next door historic Jewish cemetery. Overgrown and in ruins, it is somber and beautiful.

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