The World's Coolest Model Train

The Royal Tour

Imagine if there were a place you could go to visit the highlight of Europe, America, and the world, all in a singled day. Hamburg's Miniatur Wunderland is that place!

Known as being the world's largest model train setup, Miniatur Wunderland is so much more. It is a complete world, where everything moves!

Here is Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, part of a HUGE Germany setup, which makes sense as Hamburg is Germany's second largest city.

Only a couple rooms away we find the Las Vegas Strip.

The level of detail is amazing. This part of the Hamburg exhibit shows the 2013 World Gardening Expo, complete with more than 170,000 miniature flowers!

Every room changes from day to night, allowing for the world to light up in style.

The highlight is the airport, where planes like this Lufthansa A350 actually take off!

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