Miami's  Little Havana

Miami's  Little Havana

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Miami's Little Havana is a living, breathing ethnic neighborhood despite being a tourist attraction. You're likely to hear Spanish all around, and witness Cuban-Americans in their day-to-day lives, like playing dominoes. The rules of watching are strict, but even stricter for players!

Start your day with a Cuban coffee from a place like La Colada Gourmet. Just be sure to stir, or the sweetened condensed milk will all sit at the bottom. Warning: it is STRONG!

Everything is vibrant and full of color in Little Havana, even a McDonald's sign!

Of course you have to eat a Cubano sandwich. This gem is from Sanguich de Miami.

A memorial to the Bay of Pigs invasion is part of a row of monuments to Cuban heritage and political struggle on 13th Avenue.

Cuban guava pastries are one of my favorites. Make sure to try one! And make sure to click on the link below for a more complete guide to exploring Miami's Little Havana!