Pasadena's Gamble House

The Royal Tour

In 1908, David Gamble, heir to the Gamble fortune of Proctor and Gamble, hired the architects Greene and Greene to build hm a home in Pasadena, California. The result is the Gamble House, now a museum.

Greene and Greene are known for elements like wood that reminds people of Asian temples. The bannister on this central staircase is made of a single piece of wood, and all nails and screws are covered by small wooden panels.

Balconies and open air features define the shape of the home, both from a design standpoint as well as a health perspective, as sleeping porches like this were thought to be better for the health.

Greene and Greene also designed many of the interior features, and even the furniture, specifically for the Gamble House. Light fixtures like this added to the Asian ambiance.

The Gamble House wasn't the only Greene and Greene home in Pasadena, and after a tour, you'll know what to look for, like the terraced stone and wooden overhangs of this home down the street.

Be sure to click the link below to read all about the Gamble House, as well as the architectural style of Greene and Greene.