Potsdam, Germany

The Royal Tour

Located about an hour outside of Berlin, and connected via the city's S-Bahn system, Potsdam is a small city made famous  by its palaces.

The most famous of these is Sanssouci, literally "without worry" in French, built in 1747 by Frederick the Great to be his summer residence.

Potsdam's palaces are pretty much all inside a huge park that features other buildings, gardens, hedge mazes, and more. It is worth just wandering around.

The largest palace is New Palace, begun by Frederick the Great in 1763, though expansions would continue all the way to 1918.

For sheer beauty, my favorite palace in Potsdam is the Orangerie.

Potsdam has more than just palaces, though. Visit Dutch Town, a place that harbored Dutch refugees, for some pancakes after your long walk through the park.

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