Prague's Jewish Quarter

The Royal Tour

Prague's Jewish Quarter is a unique aspect of the city, and one that is a must-see. This is the interior of the Spanish Synagogue, which dates to 1868.

Overall, five synagogues are able to be visited with a single admission, as well as the old cemetery and Jewish ceremonial hall. This is the facade of the Spanish Synagogue.

The Old-New Synagogue was built in 1270 as the New Synagogue. It is the oldest synagogue in the Jewish Quarter, and is still active.

The old Jewish cemetery is hauntingly beautiful. Bodies are stacked as many as 12 deep. The cemetery was active until 1786.

The Jewish ceremonial hall, next to the cemetery, has an exhibit on Jewish burial ritual.

While not in the Jewish Quarter, the Jerusalem Synagogue is absolutely breathtaking with its colorful interior (the exterior is currently being refurbished). 

These synagogues, unique in not being destroyed during World War Two, tell the story of Prague's once large and influential Jewish community, a story one cannot get anywhere else.

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