Seattle's Underground City

Seattle's Underground City

The Royal Tour

This is Seattle's Pioneer Square. It is here that the city was founded in 1852. However, an 1889 fire destroyed the entire downtown, leading to the modern city of Seattle being built. 

When walking around Pioneer Square, you'll notice what looks like purple tiles in the sidewalk. These are actually skylights leading to Seattle's underground city.

This is that same skylight from below. By taking an underground tour, you can see what used to be the ground floor of downtown Seattle, before the city was raised up to escape the tidal mud flats.

Beneath the sidewalks is a totally different Seattle. Tour guides help to illustrate both the actual places you'll see as well as Seattle's early history.

My tour guide Monica narrates a scene from what was once a marketplace in the underground. The underground was open from 1903-1907, and then sealed off due to concerns of plague from rats.

In 1965, the underground city reopened, but only through tours like mine. Make sure to click on the link below to read about how to experience this unique aspect of Seattle!