Seattle's Waterfront

The Royal Tour

Seattle has been a shipping town for as. long as there has been a city. More than 60 piers line the waterfront, though today most are shopping and restaurants.

The highlight of Seattle's waterfront district is Pike Place Market, which has been in continual operation since 1907.

While awesome, the market is incredibly crowded.

The Seattle Aquarium looks small from the outside, but you'll need two or so hours to leisurely explore it. The highlight is the marine mammals section.

Lunch at Ivar's is a must! If you order fish and chips, make sure to toss some fries to the horde of seagulls sharing the space. They are less fond of the crackers that come with chowder.

A harbor cruise will give you this amazing view of the skyline! Make sure to click the link below to read all about Seattle's waterfront, and my personal recommendations.