The Golden Gate Bridge

The Royal Tour

In the fog it is easier to imagine what the Golden Gate (the entrance to San Francisco Bay) would have looked like prior to 1937, when the Golden Gate Bridge was built. (Fog is a phenomenon more common in the summer here, although it makes for some cold days.)

Shockingly, the cost to build the Golden Gate Bridge came in at a mere 27% of initial estimates. It took about four years to build, and eleven workers lost their lives in the process.

Retrofits will, theoretically, allow the bridge to withstand winds of up to 100 miles per hour, as well as major earthquakes.

As for the color, it was originally meant to have blue and yellow stripes to prevent collisions, but the orange, which was merely a primer, worked so well that it stuck. 

Make sure to click the link below for some awesome information about the Golden Gate Bridge, including where to get the best views (even on a foggy summer day).