The Natural Beauty of Calaveras County

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Calaveras County sits in California's gold country, and contains everything from grasslands to alpine lakes. This is Mosquito Lake, terribly named, but stunningly beautiful.

The Stanislaus River runs parallel to California Highway 4, and has many stops for fishing, hiking, and just watching the rapids.

Moaning Caverns is named for the moaning sound when wind blows through the natural entrance. It is one of a few beautiful caverns in the county.

The highlight is Calaveras Big Trees, one of the largest groves of giant sequoias in existence. Some of these giants are more than 200 feet tall and more than 20 feet across.

Even the grassland is pretty, dotted with old churches and schoolhouses like this one. Be sure to click the link below to read all about Calaveras County's amazing natural beauty.