The Ultimate Guide to Humboldt County

The Royal Tour

Most people come to Humboldt County in northern California for the giant redwoods, and rightly so. Some of these trees tower more than 300 feet. But there is so much more to see!

You can visit the Lost Coast, one of the most pristine stretches of coastline in the western United States.

Eureka is the largest city in Humboldt County, and is known for its Victorian homes. The Carson Mansion, now a private club, is the largest and most recognizable, having been the outline of the Adams Family house.

Humboldt County is also known for having some of the best cannabis in the country. You can visit a farm, shop at a dispensary, or even have a THC massage!

The tiny town of Trinidad has breathtaking views of the Pacific, and a great pier to walk out on, and even from which to do some fishing!

As if you need another reason to visit, Humboldt County also produces some of the best oysters. You can even take an oyster tour with a fisherman!

Visit a regenerative farm, where sustainable is just the start, and farmers actually ADD to the long term viability of the land!

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