The Ultimate Guide to San Juan!

The Royal Tour

San Juan, Puerto Rico is one of the oldest cities in the Western Hemisphere. The highlight is Old San Juan, with nearly complete walls and battlements, along with two huge forts.

In the shadow of the forts lies Santa Maria Magdalena de Pazzi cemetery, one of the gems of Old San Juan that most visitors miss.

The central cathedral is worth a stop. Juan Ponce de Leon is buried here along one of the walls.

Make sure to have a pina colada or three. The iconic drink was invented right here in San Juan!

Ocean Park Beach, about four miles from Old San Juan, has the best sand. Mostly locals, it is the perfect place to enjoy the blue waters of the Caribbean.

If you like pork, make sure to try lechon, a suppling pig cooked slowly to make the skin super crispy. It is incredible, as is most of the food in San Juan!

You can head on a night kayak tour of a bioluminescent bay. It is about an hour by bus each way, and a unique experience.

San Juan is an incredible place, easily worth a few days to visit (or two weeks as I had on my most recent trip). Be sure to click the link below to read about all of my favorite things in this exciting destination!