A Royal Tour is a special post that we do once in a while.  It is an in-depth interview about a place and what it is most known for, held with someone who is truly connected to what that destination represents.  If you read one thing on this blog, it should be these posts.  For more information, read our post, “What is a Royal Tour Anyway?”.

Here are the Royal Tours we have conducted so far.  Click on the city name to read. Please enjoy!

Memphis, Tennessee, USA – John Vergos, owner of Rendezvous, the original inventor of Memphis BBQ

Learn about one of the gems of the South, and the food that has come to represent it, from the owner of the place that started it all!

Austin, Texas, USA – Tomar Williams, front-man of Tomar and the FCs, Austin music sensation

One of the best cities for live music, we discover Austin from the leader in New Soul!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA – Russ Klisch, President of Lakefront Brewery, brewers of the best beer in Milwaukee

If you want to learn about beer-making and the city best known for it, don’t miss this interview!