The Royal Tour is a different kind of travel blog.  We cater to those who want deeper experiences when they travel, to those who value learning in addition to simply seeing the sights. At The Royal Tour, we aren’t afraid to delve into politics or religion, as seen through the lens of a traveler. Sound interesting? Come explore!

Ok, that’s fine and good, but who am I exactly?

My name is Jonathan, and here’s my story. I was a nonprofit executive for about until I had an emotional breakdown in 2016. Travel gave me something to look forward to during that period, and in many ways saved my life.

Today, travel is my greatest passion and, though it sounds like an oxymoron, my biggest source of stability. When I am on the road, seeing new things and having new experiences, I know myself in a deeper way than when I am at home working.

I started this blog to share my experiences with all of you. If it ends up becoming a career, so much the better. If not, I am still a happier and healthier human for having done it. And really, what is more important than that?

Please enjoy my stories, and share yours with me. Whether you want to talk about travel, food, life, mental health, or anything else, I would love to hear from you!

I am so excited to have developed to the point where others want to write for The Royal Tour. Sam, Christian, Dan, Mandy, Hedy, Reina, and Tamara are now regular contributors, and you can click on their names to see an index of their articles. (Kathryn and Madeleine are not currently writing for us, but check their stuff out, too!)

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