Each year, TripAdvisor publishes a list of their top 25 travel destinations in the world.  Some of the usual suspects typically find themselves near the top of the list.  Places like Paris, Rome, and New York City have long been favorites of travelers all over the world.

This year’s travel ratings came out recently, and I must admit, the number one destination came as a surprise to me.  While the entire list can be found here, the top destination for this year was… Bali, Indonesia.

Now, Bali is a place that I have wanted to go.  It is well known for amazing waters, lush jungles, and warm people, but it is nowhere near the top of my list.  In fact, of the places on the top 25 list I have not seen (I have been to 10 so far), it doesn’t even crack the top few.  Marrakech, Morocco, coming in at number 16, would easily be my top choice.

How about you?  Which of these destinations appeals most to you?

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