The first half of this year has been good for travel. But the second half is looking even better! So what is coming up? Check it out! A couple of notes: I don’t have any images because I haven’t done these trips yet, and all work travel is always subject to change.

July – Central Texas; Cincinnati

I start the second half with a bang: a short but awesome trip to Austin and San Antonio. While I’ve visited both before, it’s been a while – especially San Antonio – and I’m excited to go back! Don’t miss my Royal Tour feature with local musician Tomer and the FCs. Cincinnati is for my father’s 70th birthday, but I’ll get a bit of sightseeing and blogging in. 

August – Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee

This is a long work trip. The highlight will be my first trip to Milwaukee, and my Royal Tour interview with Russ Klisch, President of Lakefront Brewery.

October – China and Japan

This is kind of misleading, as two days in Beijing will be followed by two weeks exploring Japan. I will be in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka, with day trips from each of those. My best friend, Dan, will be accompanying me on this trip.

November – Madrid

My family celebrates Thanksgiving a week early, leaving me a wonderful long weekend to travel. My brother in law and I will be visiting the Spanish capital together for a weekend of art, tapas, and exploration!

December – Boston; New Orleans

A work conference in what will probably be a pretty frigid Beantown is going to be followed by a wonderful weekend in the Big Easy for my best friend Jenn’s 40th birthday. Both are favorite destinations of mine, and I’m sure you will love following along.

Make sure you follow the blog so you get updates on all of these trips as they happen. I can’t wait!!

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