After nearly a month at home – my longest stretch of the year so far – my anxiety has flared up. I find myself staring at the calendar and counting down the days until I leave again. Fortunately, the countdown is nearly done, and I get the privilege of taking off later this week for the lovely state of Texas!

My rough itinerary for the trip is as follows:

Day 1 – Los Angeles to Austin

I’ll be getting in late, so that’s pretty much the day. The pain of flying east.

Day 2 – Austin

Assuming weather remotely cooperates, this means a return trip for me to Franklin BBQ for what is really the best brisket in the world. In the ensuing meat coma, I will explore more of the city with my friends who live there.

Day 3 – Austin to San Antonio 

I haven’t been to SA since I was a kid, and my Austin friends (and hosts) have never been, so we journey to the Alamo – with a stop at the Salt Lick on the way for more BBQ.

Day 4 – Back to Austin

The morning will be spent leisurely by the river in San Antonio, but I need to get back to Austin for my Royal Tour interview with Austin musical sensation Tomar and the FCs!

Day 5 – Austin

Maybe food trucks, maybe a hike, maybe art galleries – all the things that keep Austin weird are mine for the exploring.

Day 6 – Austin to Los Angeles

Sadly, all trips must end.

Do you have any recommendations for me while I’m there? Please list them in the comments!

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