Another “different” kind of post, and one meant to give us all a laugh during the middle of the week. Enjoy!

The Top 10 Reasons Travel Is Better Than Sex

10. Paying money for travel isn’t frowned upon.

9. Your partner won’t be upset stumbling across your travel wishlist.

8. With frequent flyer programs, you can use points for free travel. Frequent sex programs just don’t exist.

7. With travel, you can talk about your experience going Down Under in public.

6. You can blog about your travel without any country being jealous of another.

5. Your friends want to see pictures from your travel on Facebook.

4. Unprotected travel doesn’t lead to pregnancy.

3. You can bring your friends with you when you travel.

2. You won’t feel dirty traveling to the most popular destination that everyone else has already visited.

And the number one reason travel is better than sex:

1. When you travel, you never have to be ashamed checking in and asking for an upgrade.

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