Last week in Cincinnati, I got to visit the historic Spring Grove Cemetery. Some of my readers may be wondering why, with only a single completely free day in a city, I would spend a large chunk of it wandering among gravesites and monuments. There are three reasons I love visiting old cemeteries, and that all travel addicts will also appreciate their time at these amazing locations.

1. The architecture is incredible!

The old monuments and crypts in many of these cemeteries are simply stunning. From the Classical Greek look of the Fleischmann crypt or the neo-Gothic Dexter Mausoleum (both in Spring Grove) to the smaller varied crypts in Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery, anyone who loves the beauty of monuments will find ample reward waiting.

2. You’ll recognize names you know

Any history buff will enjoy the research of who is buried in these cemeteries. From business leaders to cultural icons, and generals to historical heroes, cemeteries give even a casual traveler a chance to feel close to people we read about and have studied. From Paul Revere, John Hancock and other heroes of the American Revolution at the Granary Burying Ground in Boston to Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With The Wind, in Oakland Cemetery, you’ll find it incredible how much emotion is brought up at seeing their final resting places.

3. Old cemeteries are peaceful places to walk and think

Sometimes in a busy travel schedule, it’s nice to have a chance to walk around a beautiful place, escaping the noise of the city. Cemeteries give a nice place to do that, to lose yourself in the peace that accompanies them. Most include manicured lawns and flowers, shady trees, and meandering paths. Take advantage!

I hope that the next time you travel, you’ll encorporate an old Cemetery into your plans. If you’ve already visited any, what is your favorite?

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  1. One of my hobbies is photographing Victorian era cemeteries. I’ve been to Spring Grove and Oakland which are amazing. However it’s the cemeteries of Detroit that hold a special place in this Michigander’s heart. Elmwood, Woodmere and Woodlawn in particular.

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