Today’s blog post was supposed to be light and fun, written about last weekend’s visit to the LA County Museum of Art. But after another week of devastation in the world, to two destinations I love, I feel compelled to ask all of our readers out there to join in and help.

This week’s 7.1 earthquake near Mexico City marks the second major quake in Mexico in less than two weeks, following an 8.2 off the coast of the country earlier. (I was in Mexico City during that earthquake.) As of this moment, at least 225 people have been killed, with rescue operations still underway for others. As I mentioned in my post, published just a few hours before the earthquake struck, Mexico is an amazing place, full of incredible people. Remember, Mexico sent help after Hurricane Katrina, and again just last month after Harvey. Now it is our turn to help. Please join me in making a donation to the Mexican Red Cross. The site is in Spanish, but fairly easy to navigate.

Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico over the last two days, and as Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon – the Congresswoman from the island – said, “This is not the same island.” Puerto Rico is without power, and will be for some time. I was lucky enough to travel to Puerto Rico a decade ago, and found it to be an incredible destination. It was like going to another country, but without needing a passport. It is foreign, and yet American, with incredible architecture, culture, and food! The island now needs our help. Once again, please join us in making a donation, this time to Global Giving for hurricane relief.

One of the best parts of travel is the ability to connect with a place outside of home, to get to know its people and discover its secrets. I’ve been lucky enough to do that with both of these hard-hit places, but now they and their people need our help. Please join me in doing that little bit we each can for our fellow humans.

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