At my house I keep two large laminated maps on the wall. One is a world map and the other is a United States map. On each, I put star stickers on places I have been. The stars are all blue, though since the star manufacturer changed, they are in two slightly different shades. Don’t judge.

It is always exciting for me to know I am going to get to add stars to a large blank portion of my maps. Later this week, I get to embark on another trip that will do just that.

My experience with Washington has been limited to Seattle and the Olympic Peninsula, so this chance to see Spokane with Visit Spokane is exciting for me! And then it is off to Montana and Glacier National Park. As of now, my only star in Montana is in West Yellowstone, which barely counts.

So here is my itinerary. Make sure to follow along here, and on my Instagram account for some of my best photos.

Day 1 – Los Angeles to Spokane

I have an early flight (sadly changing planes at Sea Tac since the direct flight was too late in the day), and after checking in at the hotel, I am doing a walking tour of Riverfront Park and Spokane Falls.

Day 2 – Spokane

I am seeing the best sights in the city, like the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture and Campbell House. I am also trying standup paddleboarding on the Spokane River, where I am likely to end up very very wet, and meeting with a couple people who helped pull off the 1974 World Expo in the city.

Day 3 – Spokane to Kalispell

It is about a four hour drive to the western entrance of Glacier, passing through the Idaho panhandle.

Day 4 – Glacier National Park

I am stoked for this! Glacier is supposed to be one of the most stunning jewels in the National Parks system.

Day 5 – Driving and flying

It is back to Spokane and my flight back, this time through PDX.

Make sure to follow along on this short, but awesome, adventure!

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