Well, February just flew by. My time in Bordeaux is already coming to an end, and it is now a chance to look ahead to next month, my last in France (for now). March sees me traveling to Lyon, the culinary hub of France and, of course, some side trips to better explore the region.

I will be flying to Lyon. When I first booked this trip, I figured that as Bordeaux and Lyon were pretty much due east-west from each other that of course there would be a train. Well, there isn’t. I’d have to go through Paris, and nobody wants that. So flying it is, a quick 35 min jaunt.

Lyon is best known for its number of incredible restaurants and famous chefs who came from there. I will be treating myself to a Michelin-starred lunch while there, and posting about the experience, so make sure to look for that. I’ll also be exploring some Roman ruins, the local art scene, and life along the Rhône.

I have four side trips in mind, though a couple are subject to change. However, I will be visiting my next tiny European country: Luxembourg. The small Principality is surrounded entirely by places I’ve already seen, so I am excited to get to go. It is supposed to be an incredible old city built on two levels, and breathtakingly beautiful. Here’s hoping!

My other side trips will likely be as follows.

Annecy – This town at the foot of the Alps is adorable in photos. It has canals, and an incredible provincial feel. It also apparently has awesome cheese, and who doesn’t want that?

Perouges – An old medieval town, full of cobblestone and character. Another small French city to wander around.

Dijon – The capital of Burgundy, I am going for wine, mustard, and escargots. I can imagine worse days.

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On a more personal note, while overall my time in France has been incredible, I’m on a few day depression streak currently. I don’t want to abandon my twice a week posting schedule, even when depressed, but if it happens, I apologize. Sometimes depression happens regardless of where I am or what I’m doing, and pretending all is amazing (as is necessary for much of my writing) can be a challenge.

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