As most of you know, I am an ardent believer in ad-free content here at The Royal Tour, and do my very best to provide that multiple times per week, even during quarantine. I have also staunchly refused to add affiliate links to my writing, since I feel it distracts from content, and would lead to posts that aimed not to inform or entertain, but to simply add cookies to your browsers so I could get commissions.

Those things are anathema to what we are trying to do, taking away from our goal of delving into deep topics surrounding travel.

However, there are costs to keeping our website up and running, and especially to seeing places about which to write, and with freelance media drying up during these hard times, I find myself in the position of asking for your help. I have set up a page on Patreon to ask for support from those of you who a) enjoy reading our content and b) find yourselves in a position to help support its continuation. For as little as $5 a month (up to the $100 a month level), you can become a patron of The Royal Tour, accessing patron-only content, and assuring that our page remains ad- and affiliate link-free.

The arts have long depended on the generosity of patrons like you, and I am hopeful that you find my writing to be an art worthy of that generosity. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

The Patreon link can be found here.


Jonathan and the whole team

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