Downtown Los Angeles isn’t most people’s first choice when it comes to Los Angeles itineraries. But maybe it should be. From some amazing museums like the Broad to Walt Disney Hall to great restaurants and rooftop bars, downtown really has a wonderful vibe. But the best part of downtown Los Angeles is – quite easily – the Art Deco facades.

In the early 20th century, downtown LA was booming. With that boom came a rash of building. New skyscrapers came up everywhere, and many of them were given unique facades. As the city’s downtown core declined, many of these fell into disuse, and while some were torn down, with redevelopment at the end of the century, many of those still standing were either refurbished or worked into the facades of newer more modern building projects.

So next time you are in downtown Los Angeles, check out some of these Art Deco beauties!

Note: I am not a professional photographer, and that fact will be evident in these photos, sadly. I hope you still enjoy! Also, unlike my photo-journal of doors in Lyon, buildings are harder to get in a single photo.

This beauty is on the northeastern corner of 7th and Figueroa. I love the golden embellishments.
The Garfield Building – back when they all had names – at 8th and Hill.
At Broadway and 8th, you’ll find the Tower Theatre, recently refurbished.
There is no mistaking the bright blue of the Eastern Columbia Building on 9th and Broadway.
My favorite building in all of Los Angeles is the Central Library, on 5th and Grand. Each facade is different, but the pyramid on top is the calling card. I wrote all about this building here.
The Los Angeles Theatre Center, on 5th and Spring, used to be a bank.
Seven Grand – shockingly on 7th at Grand – was the best whisky bar in the city before the pandemic. And check out that detail around the windows!
One of the old jewelry district buildings, this beauty is at Hill and 7th.
7th and Flower, and right next door to where we started. Plus, wow, right?

As you can see, downtown Los Angeles has some amazing Art Deco facades. And this just scratches the surface. Wander the streets yourself, and you’ll find some more. Maybe one of those will be your favorite!

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