After more than eight weeks, we are finally at the last segment of my Germany trip. This portion will all be centered around Munich, considered one of the most livable cities in Germany, and in all of Europe. I intend to find out for myself. All I know so far from lining up an Airbnb is that it’s expensive!

Once again I have a caveat to offer on the below itinerary: it is subject to change based on weather, Covid, logistics, or life in general. But I hope to stick closely enough that you’ll have no issue following along via my Instagram page, where I’ll be posting daily photos.

Day One – Vienna to Munich

It’s a pretty long train through the foothills of the Alps from Vienna to Munich, so the afternoon will mostly just be checking in and getting oriented.

Days Two Through Five – Munich

It’s time to start the exploration of the capital of Bavaria. The city has some lovely looking churches, spectacular art museums, and beer gardens a-plenty. That is enough to keep me plenty busy for a few days. Add in some vast parks and I’m a happy guy.

Day Six – Some Day Trip

This was going to be Neuschwanstein Castle, but now it’s not. I’m still not certain what it will end up being.

Day Seven – Munich

Today, the plan is to visit the BMW factory. I’m not hugely into cars, but when in Munich…

Day Eight – Munich to Buchs

You’ve probably never heard of Buchs. Neither had I. It is a small town in Switzerland, which has as its sole draw the fact that it is 100 yards from the Liechtenstein border, and I want to see that tiny country nestled in the Alps. It is a pretty long day to get there, but I’m hoping it will be a scenic train ride.

Day Nine – Liechtenstein

Today I’ll get to explore the tiny Principality of Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world. I’ll explore a bit of the history, learn how on earth it kept its independence, and hopefully just have a beautiful day in the Alps. If I meet the Prince, so much the better. (I’m not holding my breath. I am not even sure he lives here.)

Day Ten – Buchs to Munich

It is back the way we came, home to my base in Munich.

Days Eleven to Sixteen – Munich

I don’t have a ton of plans for this portion yet. I’d love to do a day trip down to Salzburg. The Sound of Music was my favorite childhood movie and I would like to sing the songs from it while wandering the historic city. Beyond that, I’ll take some time to reflect, organize, write, and just enjoy my last few days here in Germany.

Day Seventeen – Munich to Los Angeles

I fly home via Chicago, where I’ll hopefully have a long enough layover to interview for my Global Entry renewal while clearing customs. Then back home and some sleep. And a whole lot of writing.

So that’s the trip. The map of this part is below. Munich is the flag in the middle-ish, with Buchs/Liechtenstein being at the bottom left.

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