As you read last week, 2022 was a solid travel year, my first since the beginning of Covid. As the pandemic winds down into endemic, 2023 looks like my first year back to my truly intensive travel schedule since 2019, and I couldn’t be more excited! While some things – especially later in the year – are still vague, and obviously lots can change, here is a preview of my travel and what to expect on The Royal Tour in 2023.


Do you remember the promise I made to A to take her to the Caribbean every January? Well, I keep my promises. This year’s Caribbean trip is the Dominican Republic! We will be spending a bit over two weeks in Santo Domingo, in an apartment with ocean views, experiencing what life is like in this vibrant capital.


The end of the month will bring a return trip to Calaveras County for some winter activities in California’s gold country. Skiing? Scary but sure! Snowshoeing through giant sequoia groves? Heck yes!


Two short domestic trips this month are planned, both to see people. First, a long weekend in the DC area, and then a few days in northern Kentucky (just outside Cincinnati) to visit my father. Obviously I’ll also do things that will be worth writing about, too. Just with company.


Midway through the month, I’ll be taking off for my second international trip of the year. This time, I’ll be heading to Buenos Aires! I don’t have too many details planned yet, so if you have recommendations, send them my way.


The whole month will be spent in a combination of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Uruguay, along with a side trip to see Iguacu Falls! All in all, I have a month in BA (including the side trip) and just under two weeks in Montevideo.


I am not going anywhere, since my best friend is getting married at the end of the month and I refuse to jeopardize my availability for her wedding.


This is the start of my three or four month Europe odyssey! I’ll be spending two nights on the Isle of Man, and then meeting my aunt in Dublin for a bit over two weeks on a guided tour of Ireland and Northern Ireland.


I’ll fly from Ireland to Rome, where I have a flat rented for basically the entire month. I can’t stay anywhere in Italy for longer than 28 days without getting a tax ID apparently, so it’s 28 days in Rome. I also plan to take a side trip to Naples for a couple days, since I hated it there the one day I spent more than a decade ago. Here’s hoping for vindication.


This month will mainly be spent in Florence, along with a side trip to San Marino. And since the 28 day thing still holds, I’ll head from there to Milan for an indeterminate time depending on how October shakes out.


This month I’ll be – hopefully – seeing other people in Europe, jet setting between destinations and friends. TRT writer Mandy will meet me in Copenhagen, and TRT writer Dan will meet me in Istanbul. My brother in law will meet me in Brussels. I’ll kill any extra time between these somehow, possibly with TRT writer Hedy in her hometown of Maastricht. As I said, things are up in the air.


Nothing planned as of this point in time. Maybe just some rest at home in Los Angeles.

So that’s the year. As for The Royal Tour, it is my hope to continue the three article a week pace that I began this fall. But we will see how things shake out, how much content I write, and how long it all lasts, as well as how many guest articles I end up with. Regardless, expect some cool features from all over the world!

Here’s hoping for a great year, for me, for The Royal Tour, and for all of you. Thanks for joining me on the adventure!

This guy is stoked for the coming year!

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