It’s time to head back to Europe! Of all the places in the world, I probably like Europe best, so I am very excited to have about three and a half months there this summer and fall. As I mentioned in my introduction to the trip, I’m dividing it into three for the purposes of itinerary posts like this one. This is part one.

For the most part, my Irish adventure will be part of a guided tour on Overseas Adventure Tours (OAT) with my aunt, who is better traveled than I am. I expect to be the youngest person in the group by twenty or so years, but that is what it is. I’m just more excited to see Ireland and Northern Ireland. (I will be sure to review my experience with OAT for those who might consider using them.)

However, before the tour starts, I am headed for a quick trip to the Isle of Man. I’m fascinated by the island, its history, and it’s complicated political relationship with the UK. So be sure to watch for that story! Then it’s on to Dublin for a few days just with my aunt before the tour begins.

Here is a more detailed itinerary. Please remember that things are subject to change based on weather, timing, or just the exigencies of life and travel. While articles probably won’t start until August, make sure to follow me on Instagram for daily photos while I am on travel.

Day One – Los Angeles to Dougles, Isle of Man

Sadly there are two stops on what will be a long day of travel before I arrive in the capital of the Isle of Man. Dinner and sleep await.

Day Two – Douglas

In my one full day on the island, I’m focusing on two things. One is the Manx (denominative for those living on the Isle of Man) Museum. The other is the famous steam train, which I will take to Castletown to see, shockingly, a castle.

Day Three – Douglas to Dublin

On to Ireland!

Days Four through Six – Dublin

I’m excited to visit Ireland, and especially so for Dublin. Highlights of my days here will include the Guinness Brewery, Trinity College, the Archaeology Museum, and the Literature Museum. I’ll make sure to dine at an Irish pub, probably see a church or three, and learn what makes Dublin awesome.

Day Seven – Dublin to Belfast

With the tour, we will head into Northern Ireland. I’m sure we will see things on the way, but I’m not sure what.

Days Eight and Nine – Belfast

While the focus will be on the Troubles, my time in the Northern Irish capital will also include a story on the Titanic, and a beer with TRT writer Sam who just happens to have a night here of overlap with me.

Day Ten – Belfast to Derry

Off to the Northern Irish “second city,” by way of the Giants Causeway, a UNESCO site that looks gorgeous!

Day Eleven – Derry

Why do some call it Derry and others Londonderry? Today we will explore and find out!

Day Twelve – Derry to Donegal

Hey, at least we aren’t changing cities every day, right?

Days Thirteen and Fourteen – Donegal

There’s a castle and an abbey, and more beautiful green as we head down Ireland’s western coast.

Day Fifteen – Donegal to Westport

Moving along again. Bus rides should give me some writing time, though.

Day Sixteen – Westport

This is the day to experience rural Ireland, with visits to a sheep farm and wool shops.

Day Seventeen – Westport to Ennis

On to the last stop!

Days Eighteen and Nineteen – Ennis

There are some cute looking things in the town itself, but the easy highlight will be the visit to the Cliffs of Moher.

Day Twenty – Ennis to Rome

A bus back to Dublin and a flight to Rome and it’s on to part two of the trip!

So that’s the itinerary. I admit to having more blank spots than I normally would, as the tour takes care of much of the details and I don’t really know all of what we are doing in each place. I’m prepared to be pleasantly surprised each day.

For those who like maps, here is one for this part of the trip. The dots are as follows: yellow is Douglas, red is Dublin, green is Belfast, orange is Derry, purple is Donegal, teal is Westport, and blue is Ennis.

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