People travel for different reasons.  Some people travel to run away from something.  Others travel to run towards something new.  Me?  It’s a bit of each.

I travel a lot for my work as a non-profit fundraiser.  I guess these are running towards donors, or potential donors, or conferences.  On each of these trips I try to give myself a half day or a day to see the place I am.  After all, it isn’t really travel when I only see hotel rooms and offices.  So when I am on work travel, my posting will be shorter since I do have that whole job thing that sucks much of my time.

I also use the miles I accumulate from all my work travel, along with a conscious points and miles strategy using credit card spend, to go places for fun.  These are my running away trips.  Sometimes these are planned last minute because I just need to get away.  In any event, these will tend to have more posts, and tend to be a bit more exotic.  (No, Detroit is not exotic.)

So why am I starting this blog?  Why does the world need to hear from another guy in a suit traveling the world?  The short answer is that it is for me.  I love to travel; I love to write.  And more than anything else, I love to hear myself speak.

Thank you for reading, and welcome to The Royal Tour!

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