Let’s face it, there are a TON of travel blogs out there, and even more people who share their experiences and tips via other media.  I am not so special – though my mom would beg to disagree – and my opinions, tips, and experiences are likely little different than at least two or three hundred other travelers out there.  (Those are the smart ones!)

I want to give my readers a bit more than just my own thoughts.  So that is what a Royal Tour is for.  I will introduce you all to a local expert, fixture, or celebrity to hear what he/she thinks about the place.  Sometimes it will be another blogger, sometimes a chef, sometimes a government official.  It can be anyone, but it will be awesome.

Want a preview of our first Royal Tour?  I will be in Memphis coming up, and will be sitting down with John Vergos, owner of the legendary Rendezvous BBQ.  We will get his thoughts on Memphis-style ribs, what makes the best BBQ, and life in Memphis.  I hope you are as excited as I am!!

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