Are you considering a trip to the Queen City? Here are some tips from our staff to help! (And don’t forget our Royal Tips for Memphis and Austin.)

1. The Cincinnati metro area covers parts of three states

Cincinnati itself is at the southwestern corner of Ohio. The metro area extends a bit into Indiana (though locals think of Indiana the way New Yorkers think of New Jersey – death before going) and much of northern Kentucky. In fact, the airport is in Kentucky.

2. This is a driving city

Mass transit is very limited, so if you want to see things outside the immediate downtown area, you’ll need a car or Uber/Lyft.

3. Beware of freeway construction

There is currently a lot of construction going on downtown on the freeway system. Most notably, the I-71 bridge to Kentucky has closures in both directions. Allow time or go around.

4. Don’t miss Eden Park

The Cincinnati Art Museum is worth a visit, as is just a stroll through the park for the views of the river from the top of the hill.

5. Go to the top of the Carew Tower

The observation deck in downtown Cincy offers the best 360 degree views of the entire area!

6. Explore the Ohio River towns

Whether Rising Sun, Indiana, Rabbit Hash, Kentucky (two of our favorites), or another, the small towns along the river are quite scenic. Some offer bike rentals to explore the riverfront. If you want another day trip…

7. Visit the Air Force Museum in Dayton

Just a couple hour drive north of Cincinnati is Dayton, home to the US Air Force Museum. If you like history, airplanes, or even just a unique experience, don’t miss it!

8. Try the chili 

Cincinnati chili is a love-it-or-hate-it concontion, sweeter than the normal chili you’re used to, and served atop spaghetti with a mountain of cheese. Skyline and Gold Star are the famous chains, but we prefer Skyline.

9. Appease your inner foodie at Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield

Looking for a new hot sauce, microbrew from far away, escargot shells, a hundred types of cheese you’ve never heard of, or that cookie you had that one time in Amsterdam? Jungle Jim’s has all of that and more! Don’t miss the international section.

10. Prepare ahead of time

Check out our guide, of course, but also, research the neighborhoods, attractions, and side trips that most interest you.

Enjoy Cincinnati, and get the 3-way at Skyline for us!

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