Many people don’t find the Midwest to be the most exciting destination. The land is generally flat, and many Midwestern cities are considered dull. I disagree. There is a beauty and culture to the Midwest that draws me, and I am excited to again visit.

My trip will begin in Detroit. Over several days, I am looking forward to visiting new sights: the Motown Museum, Cranbrook Institute, and a drive along Lake Huron. I will see the Woodlawn Cemetery, the next in my quest to visit as many glorious historic cemeteries as possible.

From Detroit, I will travel to Chicago, a place I have visited many times. This time, however, I plan to spend my time in the Northern Suburbs, seeing the Chicago Botanical Garden and the Baha’i Shrine.

I will also venture north to a new destination: Milwaukee. The highlight of this excursion will be a Royal Tour interview with Russ Klisch, President of Lakefront Brewery, about the history of beer in Milwaukee.

I look forward to sharing this trip with all of you!

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