If the Motor City isn’t on your travel radar, it should be. There are some amazing sights to see! Before you go, here are some tips from our staff to make your trip just a bit easier. 

1. Detroit is NOT a war zone

Detroit gets a bad reputation. People think of it as a crime-ridden wasteland, nothing but run down abandoned buildings. While parts of the city have their problems, most of the Detroit area is not only coming back, it is thriving. Even downtown felt safe to walk in during the day.

2. Public transit is non-existent

As makes sense in a city built on the auto industry, you’ll need one to get around, or to prepare to use Uber/Lyft. On the bright side, you may run across some amazing old cars while you drive!

3. The cultural sights are incredible!

Detroit is home to some truly world class museums and cultural destinations. Here are some of our favorites.

4. Beware of the weird intersections

If you are driving, be prepared for intersections that aren’t normal the way the rest of the country has them. Huge traffic circles are common in the northern suburbs, and many of the major divided streets don’t allow left turns, rather making drivers turn right and make a U-turn.

5. Detroit food is good, but Coney Island dogs are not

Ok, they are iconic, but you’ll feel bad about eating them. Try the middle eastern food instead! Or Greek food in Greektown.

6. There are casinos all over town

They are pretty good, too. Our favorite? Greektown Casino, followed by a walk through the neighborhood for some baklava.

7. Detroit has real seasons

Cold, snowy, and icy in the winter. Hot and muggy in the summer. Lovely in the spring and fall. Prepare accordingly.

8. For the best view, check out Belle Isle

An island in the Detroit River, Belle Isle is home to a conservatory, aquarium, small zoo, picnic grounds, and our favorite view of downtown Detroit. It’s a great way to spend a day!

9. Canada is SOUTH

Yes, Windsor, Ontario is due south of Detroit, across the river. It’s the only place you can go south to the great north.

10. Prepare

Museums have closed days, and the city is fairly spread out. Think of your itinerary before coming to maximize your time.

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