In much of the world, the buffet is vanishing, being replaced by small plates and creative haute cuisine. In Las Vegas, though, while Michelin starred restaurants are now everywhere, there is still a home for the beloved buffet. And when it comes to breakfast, the Las Vegas brunch buffet still reigns supreme.

Most of the major hotels on the Strip have brunch buffets, but in my opinion, one stands above the rest: the Wynn.

The interior of the Wynn buffet.

This is not where you go for all-you-can-eat for $10, to gorge on breakfast staples like eggs and bacon. The brunch buffet at the Wynn is $36 per person. But it features everything from crab cakes to crepes, sushi to salads, fruit to French toast, and danishes to desserts. Each cloche reveals a new treat. Smoked corned beef hash? Why yes, I’ll have some. Meyer lemon cheese blintzes with strawberries to top? I’ll take four. Oysters on the half shell? Not my cup of tea, but might as well try one.

Looks tasty!

The carving station has thick cut pork belly, prime rib, ham, and more. There is pizza, but I bypass that (pizza should only be eaten for breakfast as a cold leftover). Want breakfast from around the world? There is congee, a savory rice pudding popular for breakfast in China. Oatmeal, yogurt parfait, and freshly baked croissants are over on one side. Crab legs are piled high in another area.

Yes, it is big! Ignore the pizza.

The Las Vegas brunch buffet can be overwhelming, especially here at the Wynn. My suggestion? Start at one end and try a bit of anything that looks good. A piece of smoked salmon, a roasted tomato, a pancake or five (they will make them to order with your choice of toppings and mix-ins), and a glass of strawberry-mango agua fresca could make a great first course. You can come back for the homemade cherry danishes, waffles, sausages, or eggs benedict.

Desserts are also not lacking here at the Wynn, though I found many to be a bit too sweet. The guava panna cotta was superb and the lava cake was lava-licious. There is also a gelato bar, so save room for that!

Dessert! And this is only one side of the dessert station.

The Las Vegas brunch buffet may not be everyone’s choice for meal in Sin City. But if you have the desire to try all sorts of new delicacies, head to the Wynn and enjoy!

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  1. I tend to avoid buffets because I end up overeating almost every time. But this one does look good and it has foods you don’t normally see at buffets

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