There are many ways to travel, and as many kinds of traveler. There is the outdoor adventurer, the partier, the beachgoer, and the foodie, just to name a few. Most people fall into several categories.

And then there is the deep thinker. So what makes a deep thinking traveler, and how do you know if you are one?

The deep thinker can enjoy all of the activities of any other traveler type. However, there is always a bit more depth to it. Whereas many beachgoers love simply to relax, soak up sun, and enjoy the sound of the waves, the deep thinking beachgoer also wants to understand the impact of climate change on this beach. The adventurer wants to go skydiving, but the deep thinking adventurer wants to learn the evolution of parachute technology and utilization in warfare. The foodie wants to eat the best delicacies a destination has to offer, while the deep thinking foodie wants to experience a culture and its history through that same food.

The deep thinking traveler wants to visit Little Rock Central High School, the site of forced desegregation.

The deep thinker wants to know the depth behind recent student demonstrations in favor of a peace deal between the Colombian government and FARC, to experience 15th century Spain through its palaces and art, and to learn why this year’s monarch butterfly gatherings in Santa Cruz, California might be smaller than years past. He/she wants to understand the difference between the real Mexico and the portrayal of Mexico in the news, to appreciate the uniqueness of the Māori versus other native peoples, and is eager to experience the hodgepodge of Singapore through its hawker center food stalls.

The deep thinker ponders Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City, briefly occupied by an Emperor from the Austrian Habsburg Dynasty.

And the deep thinker will understand him/herself better through all of these things.

At The Royal Tour, we want to provide a home for the deep thinker when it comes to all things travel. If you are the type of person who really wants not just to experience the world, but to truly understand it, we want you!

Together, we will dive headfirst into art and culture, discuss complex histories of diverse peoples and places, and experience political and religious issues through our travels. We will have fun, but we will learn at the same time! (I totally sound like my dad right now.)

So if sipping wine sounds good, but learning why different regions produce different tasting wine varietals sounds better, we hope the The Royal Tour will be your travel home.

3 thoughts on “What is a Deep Thinking Traveler?

  1. This is exactly why I travel – there is always something to be learned. Like you I worked in the not for profit world and came to hate the excess within that world. It was pretty clear in my corner of the world that they only really cared about maintaining their jobs (many of them). So I gave up, took early retirement and started traveling. I can’t help myself I am a learner lol and always will be.

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