The countdown to a trip is always a source of excitement for me. Last minute arrangements, sourcing my favorite travel sites for recommendations, and generally figuring out what I am going to do (though I always try to remain flexible) are a lot of fun.

So here I am in the final days before my next big international trip: this time to South Korea and Singapore. So I thought I’d share a bit about my plans. Feel free to comment with thoughts or suggestions!

Day 1: Depart LAX

I am always excited to get on a plane, even more so when I am flying Singapore Air, truly one of the best travel experiences!

Day 2: Arrive in Seoul

I get in around 11pm, so I’ll just head to my hotel and crash.

Days 3-5: Seoul

Here is where I have some flexibility. On my to-do list so far are a couple of palaces, some temples, and the South Korean National Museum. I also intend to eat a ton of amazing Korean food. As you may recall, I love bulgogi!

I am also hopefully going to find a small tour into the DMZ. The political situation between North and South Korea has dominated our news, but I want to experience it from the local standpoint. Is it truly as tense as the news media would have us believe? I will hopefully find out and report back.

Day 6: Fly to Singapore

I get in mid-afternoon, so there will be more than enough time to head to a Hawker Center for some amazing food. Food is the best part of Singapore to this traveler, and I can’t wait to experience it again!

Day 7: Singapore

On the agenda, other than more food, is an extended visit to the Gardens By the Bay.

Day 8: Day Trip to Malaysia

Singapore is a tiny island city-state, with a land connection to Malaysia. My tour will take me up the Malay peninsula to the town of Malacca.

Day 9: Singapore

National Museum, here I come! I seem to love these experiences, learning the history of a place form its own perspective.

Day 10: Head home

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