Today, I went to the Korean Cultural Festival in Irvine, CA. Let me start off my saying that I LOVE events like this. One of the best things about living in LA is the cornucopia of cultural happenings all over the metro area, if one is only willing to brave traffic for an hour or three. I am.

I’ve been to a lot of festivals, and this one was a bit different than most. Maybe it is because I arrived late – that darned traffic – but I didn’t witness any traditional Korean performances. Rather, I got to see some K-Pop drumming and then a K-Pop dance competition. I must say, it was awesome! Amateurs taking pride in their heritage is always a wonderful thing to see, and this was a great display.

The food was also pretty spectacular. I had bulgogi fries, bulgogi nachos, and a bulgogi bowl. Needless to say, I like bulgogi, Korean marinated and grilled thinly sliced beef.

There were few interesting booths, but all in all, this was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, especially since it was free!

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